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Stephanie Person


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Stephanie Person, originally from St. Petersburg, FL, relocated with her family to Colorado Springs, CO (for the first time) in 2009. She epitomizes honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness, tenacity, diligence, communication, and motivation. Stephanie started her career in sales at the ripe young age of 6, when she decided to sell “baby frogs” to her classmates. She had learned about baby frogs by exploring a body of water near her home. She was so excited to teach her friends about these baby frogs she had found that they were quickly feeding off of her excitement and wanted to see them for themselves. This presented a great opportunity to sell them: 25 cents for baby frogs with tails, 50 cents for baby frogs with tails and feet, and one dollar for fully transformed baby frogs! She received many orders, and it wasn’t long before her teacher and parents put an end to her “business”, but that did not stop her for long. She grew up with an educating and entrepreneurial spirit that couldn’t be crushed. Stephanie went on to college to study education and still uses her passion for teaching on a daily basis to home-educate her children. It is through her unique skill set that she has aquired from being an educator, mother, wife, and realtor that she is able to navigate all of her clients’ Person-al real estate needs. She has become the favorite realtor to many and will quickly become your favorite realtor too!

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